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Green is a newly established Engineering consultation firm. Its founder Ali Alsawafta has been practicing Architecture, engineering, construction management and real estate development since 1991. through his previously owned firm IWAN, with its main office in Amman-Jordan, Alsawafta led a team of dedicated architects engineers and planners through those years of experience working as a strategic partner of his clients achieving the results required and the added value desired in today's highly competitive market place; integrating the experimentation typical of the academic studio with the demands of professional practice.

The team in  Green applies a highly integrated multi-disciplinary approach to each of its projects from initial strategy ,feasibility and analysis through project design and implementation, considering the layers of physical environmental and cultural archaeologies at each site, not just the obvious contexts and programs of a building.
We at Green are devoted to create the livable built environment that every human needs. We provide the quality setting and experience that forms a language of interaction between spaces, places and humanity.
GREEN aim is to deliver thoughtful original aesthetical and contemporary architecture with the creation and the realization of environments that are  conductive to daily living while fulfilling programmatic requirements.

GREEN believes that innovation of a built environment has the power to strongly transform people's lives; it provides an inspiring space and a communal   place.

Respect for context and the broader public realm are of our practice. Our projects address the social, political, and physical contexts in which they are situated, we design spaces to elicit meaningful emotional responses and moods, The creation of a unique sense of place is a compelling design factor that guides us in shaping the physical and conceptual character of a space inspired by the cultural, geographic and organizational diversity of  our clientele.

GREEN embraces a diverse range of material and textures, which applies to its public projects to produce heterogeneous environments that promote acceptance openness and inclusiveness simultaneously; the firm is also committed to exploring and utilizing new per formative materials.